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Waring Blender: recognized as one of today's leading manufacturers of professional quality, small home kitchen appliances; also serving food services, and hospitality and laboratory industries. Waring is owned by Conair Corporation, which also owns Cuisinart. Waring has a manufacturing plant in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. http://www.waringproducts.com/


Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Waring manufactures kitchen appliances in two product segments: Waring Pro, a line of professional quality consumer products that includes blenders, juice extractors, citrus juicers, food slicers, drink mixers, a waffle maker, toaster and a deep fryer; and the Commercial Division, which services the foodservice and laboratory industries.


The inventor of the Waring blender was Fred Osius. He approached Fred Waring, an orchestra leader in the 1930’s through 1950’s, for financial support. Waring had personal interest in creating a new type of blender due to a special diet, which his doctor recommended to him. Waring out of self interest then invested $25,000. In 1935 Fred Osius began working on his blender, based off of Polish-American Stephen Poplawski’s blender, the original inventor of the first blender in 1922. Poplawski was the first to put a spinning blade at the bottom of the jar. After six months Fred Osius blender was still not fully operational. Waring then took matter in his own hands, and then in 1937 introduced the Waring Miracle mixer blender at the National Restaurant Shoe in Chicago retailing for $29.75.


Fred Waring renamed his Miracle Mixer Corporation as the Waring Corporation, and the mixer's name was later changed to the Waring Blendor. The "o" in blendor was later replaced with an “e”, "blender".


The Waring blender even played an important role in scientific research. Dr. Jonas Salk used a Waring blender while working on his polio vaccine.



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