Dash Chef Series Blender 

Can this new high-speed blender compete?

The Dash Chef Series blender is somewhat new on the market, a digital blender with 1,400 watts for power, 2.2 horse power machine. More powerful than most high-speed blenders on the market, including Vitamix and Blendtec. So, the 35,000 RPM wish turn your kale into a smooth green juice. The moter comes with a 7- year warranty.


The Dash blender has a sleek modern round design, looking more stylish than the utility looking Vitamix, and also has more color choices too, e.g. bright red and green. Anyone who cares about stylish appliances will certainly be considering this blender.  


The tritan pitcher is BPA-free and holds 2-liters, 64-ounces. In the pitcher there are 6-point stainless steel blades. It comes with a tamper, just like the Vitamix. In fact the pitcher looks and very similar to Vitamix, and even fits and works on it. The major difference is the lid and the blades.


The digital interface comes with six preset functions: rinse, soup, smoothie, puree, crush and frozen. The manual and pulse function allows you to take control with a push of a button. One other major difference to many other blenders is its height, it's very tall might not fit under all counter-tops. 


So far consumers are very happy with the Dash Chef Series blender, especially considering it comes at a much more affordable price point.  It is certainly one of the most affordable high speed blenders on the market. 



The Science of Blending

See how a high-speed blender works.

Science is awesome! Seeing how a blender works using a slow motion camera is an amazing thing to see. Understanding how the blender chops ups things and seeing the items being, in some cases, pulverized is beautiful.

In this video you will get to see how the Waring Xtreme, a commercial grade high-speed blender, in full action.  Enjoy! 


New KitchenAid Blender

Torrent Blender

KitchenAit Torrent Blender
NEW - KitchenAit Torrent Blender

KitchenAid has announced its new blender, Torrent. It's a high-speed blender with 1.8 horsepower motor. Not only its design sets it apart from other blenders but its manual locking system is replaced with an interlocking magnetic drive system that powers the blades. 

According to Beth Robinson, senior brand experience manager for KitchenAid, "Similar to the way induction cooktops use magnets to power the cooking process, this game-changing blender does the same by harnessing the potent force of magnetic technology. Our engineers have leveraged this technology to design a blender that is not only powerful but also incredibly easy to use compared to traditional models." 

There are several pre-program setting for each desired task. Simple and easy to use. Soon to be on the market with a suggested retail price of $599.99. Video and details on KitchenAid's website


The big question.

Which blender to get?

Best Blender - Which blender to get?
Best Blender - Which blender to get?

Blenders are amazing appliances, but getting the wrong one can unfortunately turn it into a useless piece of junk. Today there are more models available than ever before, and the prices vary tremendously. So, which one to choose? Is more watts (power) better? Not really. Does it matter what I put in my blender? Yes. How important is the speed of the blades? Very important. Is more expensive better? Not really. Are glass pitchers better? No. Is your head spinner? No worries, we got you covered.

If you have never operated a blender before then I suggest you first read First Time Blender Buyer. This will give you a good introduction and make you think about your needs.


For everyone else, if you are looking to upgrade or invest in a good solid blender that will do everything you want and a bit more then it's a very good time for you as there are currently many great blenders on the market. Knowing why you want to blend is very helpful as this will be your motivation to keep blending and get the most out of your prized blender.


Over the holidays we've updated the list of blenders which we consider worthy to be featured on Best Blenders. We've made it very easy for you to scan through the different levels:


And, of course, you can view blenders by brand name too.


On the actual product pages, e.g.,  Blendtec Designer Series Wildside  we first provide a photo of the blender and a very brief description.

Beest Blenders
Best Blenders - Photo + brief product discription

Right below the description is a listing of the top product features of each blender.  

Best Blenders
Best Blenders - Top Product Features

For the blenders product specifications we display this very clearly by using a simple chart system. We gather as much information as we can, by visiting the manufactures website and other credible sources, as well as review the product ourselves.

Best Blenders
Best Blenders - Product Specifications

A review would not be complete without some product images of the blender. The images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Best Blenders
Best Blenders - Product Photos

Last but not least we provide a short company description, so that you know a bit about the company who makes your blender.

Best Blenders
Best Blenders - Company Discription

And, once you've found your blender we provide a direct link to purchase your blender at the trusted retailer, Amazon.com.  And, yes, we do get a small commission from your purchase, which allows us to keep Best Blenders up and running.

Happy shopping and blending from Best Blenders.


Holiday Shopping?

Holiday Blenders are the Best Gifts. 

Holiday shopping doesn't always need to be about buying gifts for others. How about giving yourself a really sweet holiday gift, e.g, a high-speed designer blender?  

Blendtec has a special designer series with some really unique colors. These certainly are not your average colors, and yet again so aren't the blenders.  With colors such as: Polar White, Orchid, Chartreuse, Sea Foam, Plum and Pomegranate one can only imagine how they would be the jewel on any kitchen counter and the envy of your friends visiting you. 

Of course one could be generous and give someone special one of these designer blenders. Or, if you are feeling very generous why not get two. One for the special someone and the other one for you. 

Either way whoever is lucky and gets one of these designer blenders will of course benefit greatly from such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. The Blendtec Designer 625 is Blendtec's top of the line blender.

Key features are: 

  • Powerful 1,625 watt, 3 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated capacities touch interface
  • Preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup
  • 6-speed capacities touch slider + pulse
  • Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time
  • 8-year warranty
  • More details here.

And if 1,625 watts with 3 peak horsepower isn't enough then you can always get the Designer 675, which comes with 1,675 watt, 3.8 peak horsepower, 8-speeds and some other colors.

This kind of gift will keep giving for a long, long time. 

Happy Holidays.

Best Blenders


Hot Soups from Hot Babes with High Speed Blenders

Vitamix vs. Blendtec Blenders Soup Contest

High speed blenders are very versatile kitchen appliances. If you didn't already know you can make delicious hot soups using only a blender. No hot water or heating is needed. Blendtech blenders and Vitamix blenders are considered the top of the line when I comes to high speed blenders. It is almost like there are two camps of fans. But who will win the hot soup contest? 


In this video below you can watch how two hot babes put the Vitamix vs. Blendtec blenders to test in which will make the hottest soup. Enjoy!

If you don't want to watch the video but want to know who won, well it was the Blendtech blender. After 4:30 minutes the Blendtech reached 161F while the Vitamix only had 136 F. 


Why did the Blendtech win? It has a more powerful motor. The friction from the blades is what heats up the liquid.  The more power the faster it heats up too. 


Want to know why you should consider a high speed blenders?




The Best Super Power Smoothies Book

Super Charge Your Next Smoothie!

Superfood Smoothies
Superfood Smoothies

Have you every thought about super powering your smoothie? If not then it's about time. With the incredibly successful book Superfood Smoothies, from Julie Morris, you can super charge your daily smoothies.  It is the ultimate superfood smoothie book filled with more than 100 delicious, energizing and nutrient-dense recipes. 


We all know now that superfoods are good for you. Julie Morris is and expert in superfoods. She is also the author of Superfood Kitchen and is the Executive Chef for Navitas Naturals, a fair-trade company that specializes in 100% organic superfoods. Her often innovative culinary methods will make everyone of your smoothies so incredibly delicious and nutritious that you might even want to host a Superfood Smoothie Party for your best friends. 


You will be amazed by all the new ingredients you will discover and learn to use to make your smoothies into super power smoothies. The colorful photos in the book will suck you into dreaming smoothies, and more smoothies. You will be able to smell them just by looking at the photos, a clean fresh sent that will make your mouth water and crave one right now.


Stop "mixing" around, and start super powering your smoothies with superfoods - get the book. 



The Best Immersion Hand Blenders

Which Hand Blender is the Best?

Cuisinart CSB-76 Hand Blender
Cuisinart CSB-76 Hand Blender

Immersion hand blender, or just hand blender, or immersion blender, or stick blender they are all the same. We never understood why the different names. If you have ever asked yourself what should I do with a hand blender then Best Blenders will give you the low down. 


What we have noticed is that they are very popular in Europe, especially with new parents. 


Overall they are really easy to use, fast, and there is no hassle cleanup.  It is very easy to prepare shakes and puree small/single portions, often directly in the pot/glass, e.g., mash potatoes, vegetable soup, or even a banana milkshake. There is no scratching as the sharp blades are sunken in for protection. Understandable why parents like them so much. They are also much cheaper then blenders, and take up less space. 


Good hand blenders start at about about $40 and can go up to over $100. Some are made of plastic and others are more stylish in brushed steal or chrome. If you want more color some brands offer over a dozen colors, e.g., Cuisinart CSB-76.


Many hand blenders come with practical accessories, e.g., whisk, food processor, mixing/measuring beaker, and interchangeable blades.


The higher priced hand blenders usually come with a more powerful motor and can process certain foods better, e.g., nuts, dark greens. Power wise, they range from 200-watts to over 600-watts*. *NOTE: some of the more powerful hand blenders are set for 220-240 volts, so will not work in the USA and Canada. Immersion blenders can have up to five and more speed settings, most have two to three, which in most cases is enough.  If you want more control of your blender blades then there are now a few brands that offer variable speed electronic control, e.g., Krups KZ700142


Another nice feature that some hand blenders have over counter-top blenders is that they are wireless, i.e., no power cords in your way, more mobile. 


What is the big difference between a hand blender and a counter-top blender, besides size? Mainly its ability to handle ice and larger chunks of hard foods, especially frozen food, e.g., frozen strawberries. And of course they are no match to any high speed blenders, also see article on Why to buy a high speed blender


Here are five hand blenders we would recommend:


The New Oster Blender - High Speed VERSA Performance

A Powerful and Inexpensive High Speed Blender

Oster VERSA Performance Blender - BLSTVB-000-000
Oster VERSA Performance Blender - BLSTVB-000-000

The new blender from Oster is a powerful and inexpensive high speed blender. It looks like Oster took the best features from VitaMix, Blendtec and Breville and incorporated them into this nicely packed blending machine.


The Oster VERSA Performance Blender has a powerful 1,400- watts motor that cranks the 6-prong blades up to 250 mph, with 28,000 rpm. The blenders shape is very similar to the VitaMix and also comes with a plunger. It has three programmed settings (smoothies, dips/spreads, and soup), pulse, and also a variable speed dial for finer control. The 64 oz. (2L) pitcher is BPA-free, and the blender comes with a colored cookbook. 


Another nice thing is that the Oster VERSA comes with a limited 7-year warranty. 


What Makes One Blender Better Than The Other

Key Differences Between Blenders

b. Breveille Hemisphere Control BBL605XL Blades
b. Breveille Hemisphere Control BBL605XL Blades

Blender as not all same. Besides power and speed other parts of the blender are just as important to have a fulfilling and satisfying experience. So, what makes one blender better than the other?


First, you need to know what you want your blender to do. Setting expectations is important. If only needed for fruit smoothies then that is different to green smoothies or nut butters, where different blenders are required.


The blade is a very important part of any good blender. Some blender blades are short and thin. We find them to be the least effective, and it doesn't matter how powerful the motor then is. The blade should be as long as possible, making the very ends of the blade rotate at the highest speeds, breaking down the food items as fine as possible. The blades width is also important, as this creates a stronger drag and therefore blending the items better. Some blenders have more than four blades, this is good if they assist with the chopping and blending. However some seem to be more for show, as in more is better, which is in this case isn't always true.


The blenders pitcher shape ensures that the blending works properly. It needs to work together with the blades to suck down everything to create nice blend. What you don't want to have is a too narrow pitcher as items often get stuck at the top. For the narrow pitchers a plunger, of some other tool, is often needed, e.g., a spatchula. (Please note, if your blender doesn't come with a built-in plunger and you need to use an extra tool please turn off the blender before using.) The blenders blades should ideally as close to the bottom as possible, and without any nooks, i.e., see image at top. Best if the bottom is not completely flat but concaves downwards, feeding into the blades. A good example is the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender BBL605XL.


Durability, as it should last you a long time. If you are a heavy user, blending several times a week, and also use hard items, e.g., carrots, then the blenders durability is import for you. If your do use hard items then having good blades and powerful motor is important. Most blenders on Best Benders are at a quality level that can handle almost anything. The only ones we would separate are the bar blenders, as these are not really designed other than for mixing shakes. Some though can do more. If durably is a big factor for you then pay attention to the manufactures warranty. Some of the high speed blenders have warranties up to 10 years, e.g., the Omega blenders.


Cleaning, how easy are the pitchers to clean, is for many an important factor. We prefer the one piece pitcher over the ones that can be taken apart. Just like that less is more. It is more a personal preference.


Power of the blender is the most obvious one. As first stated you need to know what you want to do with your blender. This determines how much power/speed you need. We suggest to always add a bit more than you think you need as this leaves a little room to experiment and advance. If you simple want the best then we always recommend to get a high speed blender. You can read here why to buy a high speed blender.


Happy blending.



Blender Meets Design

Finally a Stylish Kitchen Utility - Blendtec Designer Blender

Blendtec Designer Blender
Blendtec Designer Blender

Who doesn't want a nice looking blender sitting on ones kitchen counter? It is about time that a high speed blender get a design makeover. The Blendtec Designer Series WildSide is the first real high speed blender to offer a stylish blender that fulfills the design sensitive persons desires. 


This Blendtec comes in three colors: Black, Red and Cream. It fulfills all the qualities Blendtec blenders are known for. Now there is no excuse not to go with more power. 



Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 Blender

Consumer Reports Blender Best Buy 2013

Ninja Master Pre Professional QB1004
Ninja Master Pre Professional QB1004

A bit of a surprise - Consumer Reports Blender Report give the Best Buy Blender Award to the Ninja Master Pre Professional QB1004. It beat out VitaMix, who was the 2010 top-scorer. 


The Ninja Master shared the top spot with the VitaMix 5200 - score of 90 out of 100 - however there is a huge price differece between these two blenders. The Ninja Master is prieces at $60 and VitaMix at $450. 


Amazon's reviews for the Ninja Master are also very good, over 250 consumer reviews with 4-stars.


Vegetable Smoothies

Vegetable Smoothies - Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Smoothies
Vegetable Smoothies

Vegetable smoothies are growing in popularity, especially since juicing has become more mainstream, these are juicers. But are juicers making smoothies or juices? To be technical a smoothie is blended and a juice is pressed.


What is the main difference between a vegetable smoothie and vegetable juice? Short answer is the amount of plant fiber in your drink. Juicers remove the fibers, i.e., therefore you will get overall more pure vegetable juice, and also use more vegetables in the process. Going forward we will focus on vegetable smoothies made by blenders.


We do recommend that you use organic vegetables as much as possible. An advantage is you do not need to worry about the peeling off the skin or removing the seeds of some of you produce. 


Vegetable smoothies are great way and easy way to get your daily amount of vegetables, especially on a busy day. They are the healthiest types of drinks you can have too. Great for your digestive system, skin, weight problems, and fighting off colds, allergies and certain diseases. The advantage of having the fiber in your vegetable smoothie is that it helps regulates sugar absorption and it's filling (satisfying). Therefore giving you sustained energy without at spike in your blood sugar levels, and helping you stay longer full. Another benefit from vegetable smoothies is that it helps reduce your sugar cravings, especially when drinking a green vegetable smoothie.


Supplements such as chia or flax seeds, nuts and protein powers can easily be easily added. Just keep in mind the more you add the more calories you are might be adding too.


If you are just starting out it is recommended that you look up some popular vegetable smoothie recipes so that you get a feeling what combinations work best, e.g., Green Smoothie Magic.


Regarding which blender is best for making vegetable smoothies Blest Blenders recommends going with a high speed blender. The more power you have the easier it can break down the vegetable fibers into an easy to sip and smooth consistency. Nutrients can also be faster and better absorbed. Here are some other reason why you should buy a high speed blender.


By the way good blenders can also make excellent vegetable soups too, e.g., Liquid Raw (more than just soups.).


Best Blenders under $100

Which blender is best for your budget?

No matter what your budget is it is important to choose the right blender for your needs, so that you get the most out of it. If you have a budget of $100 and it doesn't match your needs then you might need to increase your budget. We all know that if you don't get the results you want you will not use it, that is normal. So knowing what you want to make with your blender is important.


Blenders under $100 can do a lot but they can't do everything. Best Blenders features the best ones below. Blenders that are featured by Best Blenders have been chosen due to above average professional and consumer reviews. Which blender you go with is up to your personal preferences. 


Best Blenders' choice for Best Blender Under $100:

KitchenAid Blender KSB560 - 5-Speed Blender

  • 5-speed blender, touch control pad
  • 0.9 horsepower motor and Intelli-Speed electronic controls
  • Die-cast metal base; steel-reinforced coupler
  • 1-piece stainless-steel blade
  • Dishwasher-safe, 56-ounce pitcher; soft-grip handle
  • Automatic "crush ice" button
  • Cord storage for tidy countertops
  • Colors: wide variety of choice
  • Almost 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon
  • One-year hassle-free replacement warranty

        See Full Product Details                     See More Home Blender


Best Blenders under $100:

Cuisinart SmartPower Deluxe Die-Cast Blender SPB-600

  • 600-watt 
  • 48 oz. glass blender pitcher
  • Die-cast metal
  • User-friendly, 4-speed, touch pad control with indicator lights
  • Tight-seal lid with 2-oz. measure pouring cap
  • Limited 3-year warranty

        See Full Product Details                     See More Home Blender


Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender 908 - HBB908

  • Powerful 3/8 HP motor
  • Two-speeds: high and low; simple to use and reach
  • Replaceable heavy-duty neoprene clutch to extend the life of the motor
  • 44 oz. polycarbonate pitcher with filler-cap
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • Commercial blender ratting
  • One-year warranty

        See Full Product Details            See More Commercial Blender


KitchenAid Blender KSB465 - 5-Speed Blender

  • 5-speed blender, touch control pad
  • 0.9 horsepower motor and Intelli-Speed electronic controls
  • Die-cast metal base; steel-reinforced coupler
  • 1-piece stainless-steel blade
  • Dishwasher-safe, 48-ounce glass pitcher
  • Automatic "crush ice" button
  • Cord storage for tidy countertops
  • Good color choice
  • One-year hassle-free replacement warranty 

        See Full Product Details                     See More Home Blender


Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System

  • 600-watt motor
  • 7.4 lbs
  • 12-piece set
  • BPA-free equipment
  • Over 1,250 positive consumer reviews on Amazon
  • 1-year warranty

        See More Details            See More Home Blender - Professional



Oster Counterforms Blender Food Processor Combo BVLB07-Z

  • 2-in-1 blender/food-processor combo
  • First of its kind, a reversing motor
  • Powerful 600-watt motor, all metal drive system
  • 6-point stainless steel blender blades
  • 7 pre-programmed settings, and high and low pulse option
  • 40 oz. dishwasher-safe and thermal shock proof glass blender pitcher
  • Easy to clean, removable blade assembly
  • Made in North America
  • One-year warranty

       See More Details                                 See More Home Blender


Waring Pro Blender - MBB Series - Professional Bar Blender MBB518

  • Powerful 390-watt motor, commercial grade
  • 2-speeds, high and low
  • 40-ounce glass blender jar holds 5 cups; Trademark cloverleaf shape
  • Dishwasher-safe glass blender jar and lid for easy cleaning; one-piece
  • Made in USA
  • One-year limited appliance warranty, five-year limited motor warranty

        See More Details               See More Home Blender - Professional




How to make a smoothie.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies.

How to make a smoothie
How to make a smoothie

To start you will need a good blender. They power of the blender will determine what kind of smoothies you can make, and what you can put into it. If using a high speed blender then you have no limits to what kind of smoothie you can create.


How to make a fruit smoothie:

Take either fresh fruit or frozen fruit and mix it with a liquid. Simple, right? Well, yes, but you can add a few things too, this is optional of course, e.g., protein or flax seed powders. If you are using fresh fruit then you can add ice to give it a cooling sensation. Just remember ice is water. 


Ripe bananas and strawberries are very strong flavors they can be used in different doses. Local and seasonal fruits are always a good idea to use. One of the fun things about blending is that you can be adventurous, trying different mixtures. If you prefer to be less creative you can always get a smoothie recipes book, e.g., Superfood smoothies.


Now the big question is what liquid do you add to make your smoothie. Do you use water, juice, milk, yogurt, nut milk, soy milk, coconut water, etc. Each have its pros can cons. What is your objective with blending, or for this smoothie? If you goal is to live healthy and maybe to loose weight then you probably want to stay away from juice and dairy products, as this are high in sugars and calories. If you are using fresh fruit you might need to consider how much liquid it already contains, e.g., watermelon vs. apple. If you are using a lot of watermelon then you don't need to add much liquid, but if you are using mostly apples then more liquid will need to be added. If you are blending and notice that it is not liquid enough just add some more in small doses.


How to make a vegetable smoothie:

Also here take either fresh or frozen vegetable, Best Blenders recommends always try using fresh where possible, especially when not using a high speed blender. Some frozen vegetables can be very hard on the blender, e.g., carrot; greens are usually a easier. Also to reduce the pulpiness high speed blenders are preferred here. Now it is up to you if you want to make an all vegetable smoothie or mix in some fruit. An all time classic is apple and carrot smoothie, some add celery too, or a bit of mango - all personal preferences based on taste and objectives. Please note making vegetable smoothies requires more attention than fruit smoothies as some items don't work well when mixed, and the tastes are usually stronger. Also it should be noted that it might take some time for your taste buds to get use to, but on the end everyone loves it. Therefore Best Blenders recommends starting off with the more classic entry level blends. Or, start adding to your fruit smoothies some greens, i.e., a green leaf or two to each smoothie, easing your taste bud into it.


Now that you know what to pay attention to when making a smoothie enjoy the process of creating amazing fruit and vegetable smoothies.



Which Blender is the Best?

Which blender is right for you?

"Which blender is the best?", is how most people start off when shopping for a [new] blender. Best Blenders suggest changing the questions to, "Which blender is right for me?". By doing this you have to asked yourself, "What do I want to do with the blender?". If you are just starting out or have only blended fruit juices then you must know that "you get what you pay for", and Best Blenders rule #1 is, "Do not be penny-wise and pound foolish when picking your bender." This doesn't mean that you have to go with the most expensive blender.  It means being practical and efficient.


If you are not sure what blenders are capable of doing please read, "What can a blender make?". This will give you some good ideas, and help you find an answer to what you want to do with your blender.


Once you know what you want to make then take it up a notch just so that you have some room to grow. If you have a good blender you will become more adventurous then. For example if you know that you are going to be a heavy blender and using solid items, e.g., nuts, carrots, ice, etc., then you will want to choose a blender that will last a while and that has the power to get the job done right, e.g., high speed blenders. Nothing is more frustrating (embarrassing) than sipping and chewing your drink, or for the blender to break down after a few months. If you don't getting the results you want you will understandably not use it, and that would be a shame. If you are going to use it just once a week or so to make a smoothie then a less powerful blender will suffice. All blenders on Best Blenders will then get the job done. If you are asking yourself, "Why buy a high speed blender?" then find out. 


Some brands are often compared with, "Which blender is the best?", e.g., Blendtec vs. Vitamix. These two brands are market leaders in the high speed blender market and each have their own set of fans.


Which leads us to the next question, "What features do I need?".  Example, do you want a blender jar that you can take apart, or do you think an integrated pitcher will be better for you? To find out more please read "What is the best blender jar?".  Do you need a larger pitcher for the family, or for entertaining, or crating a batch? How much control do you want to have? Do you want set programs, do you need them? Some blenders come with just high and low speeds, others have up to 20 different electronic programs. Are you the type to use programs? Other blenders offer "variable-speed control". These have a dial where you can easily choose the blenders speed, going up and down when you choose, offering a lot of control.


Now after you answered all the functional questions you should now have a very good idea which blender is best for you. However, there is one more question, "What about the blenders design?" Some blenders come in various colors and other only in one. Shapes and style also vary too, depending on type of blender and the brands. Best Blenders even has a section specifically for Designer Blenders.


Best Blender has five sections to explore:


Please let us know, "Which blender is best for you?"

Thanks you!




What is the Best Blender Jar?

Blender jars - which one is best for your needs?

KitchenAid Blender Jar
KitchenAid Blender Jar

Blender jar or sometimes called blender pitcher comes either in one-piece or can be screwed apart. Best Blenders prefers the one-piece blender jar as it is easy to clean if one washes it out right after use. It’s only a matter of seconds with most blending jobs. The blender jar that can be dissembled is also easy to clean, if one doesn’t mind taking the parts apart and assembling them later again. Both systems have its advantages and disadvantages. All high-speed blenders and commercial blenders use the one-piece blender jar.


The next important aspect of a blender jar is glass vs. polycarbonate. Important is that if polycarbonate that it is of good quality and that it is BFA free. Avoided cheap plastic blender jars. Glass blender jars always looks great but they are also heavy and can break easily. If used by children or elders polycarbonate blender jars with a good grip is more advisable, e.g., KitchenAid Blender KSB560 (one-piece blender jar), Breville Die-Cast Hemisphere Blender 800BLXL (dissemble blender jar), or VitaMix Blender Professional CIA (high-speed blender).


Some blender jars are commercially rated, meaning they have a certificate that allows them to be used in cocktail bars, and smoothie and juice bars.


The blenders jar sizes range from 32 oz to 82 oz. The smaller jars are more for cocktail bars and single households that mainly make smoothies and cocktails. Most range from 48 oz to 67 oz, which is more than enough. Best is always to go with the larger size as you don’t want your blender to overflow. Your family size or portion size might be an important factor when deciding, which is the best blender for your needs and lifestyle, e.g., baby food, entertaining friends, or preparing meals for the entire week


Blender jar lids are important as you don’t want them to blast off when you turn on your blender. At the same time you don’t want a mechanical engineer degree in trying to get them off. They have fit tight but also be easy to remove. Some blenders jar lids some with a plunger, e.g., L'Equip RPM Blender - Model 228 and all VitaMix Blenders.


Some blender jars are wider than others. When working with food wider is generally better, less clogging.


All blenders are dishwasher safe so there isn’t really anything to compare by other that the blenders jar size might play a role. Best Blenders wrote an article, “Best way to clean blender pitchers?



Ninja Blender - A Kitchen Blender Newbie

Ninja Blender - New but will it be a Best Blenders?

Ninja Blender - Best Blenders
Ninja Blender

The Ninja Blender is new to the kitchen blender market. It is not yet featured on Best Blenders as it first needs to prove it self. So, far things are looking good for the Ninja Blender as the first reviews are promising. However, Best Blender will give it some more time to let uses fully use it, testing its durability and how the company deals with any warranty issues.


The Ninja Blender KS1100 – Model BL700 comes with a powerful 1100-watt motor, two dishwasher safe BPA-free blender pitchers (72-oz and 40-oz) and various interchangeable blade systems. The 40-oz. blender pitcher is more a processing bowl, meant to replace the food processor. The extra larger 72-oz. blender pitcher is perfect for entertaining and large families. The Ninja Blender offers a 1-year limited warranty.


If you are considering the Ninja Blender please do read the reviews on Amazon first, the 5-star reviews and also the 2-star reviews.


Here are two articles if you are uncertain which is the best blender for you:



Making a Healthy Smoothie with your Blender

Watch how to make a green healthy smoothie.

Who doesn't want a healthy smoothie. The video below demonstrates how easy it is to make one delicious green healthy smoothie. Best Blenders chose this video to show just how simple it is to make a green healthy smoothie. The exact blender model used for this is unfortunately not known but we know it is VitaMax Blender, a high speed blender.


Healthy Smoothie ingredients can also be a mix of fruits and vegetables, e.g., apple and carrots, or in the video mango and spinach. Most think just fruits smoothies but try adding vegetables to make a really healthy smoothie and to add more variety. Here are some recipe books on Amazon so that you can make your own healthy smoothies.


Best Blenders advises that if you do want to use move vegetables that high speed blenders do the best job of breaking down food to a “sip” not “chew” consistence.




How to Read Kitchen Blender Reviews

Using kitchen blender reviews to find the best blender for you.

Kitchen Blender Reviews
Kitchen Blender Reviews

There are plenty of websites that offer reviews on blenders, which have the best blender reviews and which ones are to trust is the question. First, how does Best Blenders differ? Best Blenders was created out of the frustration of trying to find one single source with complete and relevant information needed to make an informed buying decision. Best Blenders wants to provide the best, complete and simplest overview of only the best blenders available on the market.


Before you buy your next kitchen blender you of course want to read different reviews on blenders. By doing so you are already one step closer to making the right decision. Two questions that you need to ask yourself during this process are: “What do I want to make with my kitchen blender?” and “What is the best blender for me?


Once you have answered these two questions you will find it much easier navigating the different kitchen blender reviews, and ultimately be a step closer to buying the best blender for your needs.


Most kitchen blender reviews use the same generic sales and marketing language, so there is very little to differentiate them apart. Many websites do not list all the features of the blender, which can clearly differentiate them. Knowing that one blender has 1,000-watts and the other only 350-watts makes a real difference when you want to make creamy smoothies or soups. Doing a side-by-side review can be very useful and for this Best Blenders created on each product page a table listing product specifications/details, obtained from the blenders manufactures as well as various other websites.


Great product specs does not always mean you will enjoy your kitchen blender. All it means is that you know what your next blender needs to have to produce the results you want. The user experience is the next step in your decision making process and there are also many websites that offer user reviews on blenders. Best Blenders used and reviewed many difference sources and found Amazon to have some of the best blender reviews.


Next is, “How to read user reviews on blenders?” You want to read user reviews on blenders that you have already identified based upon the two prior questions and the kitchen blenders product specs. The most useless reviews are from individuals who just ordered their blender and/or have just used it once and have given it top remarks. Try to find kitchen blender reviews from users who have used their blender a few months and have fully tested it. Important is that they use their blender the way you would, making the same delicious blended goods and also explain the blenders handling, i.e., cleaning of the blenders pitcher. Some user reviews compare blenders that they used in the past, which can provide useful insight.


Another important aspect to pay attention to are user reviews on blender warranty and how the outcomes were handled. Kitchen blender warranty is part product specs and part user review. The warranty reviews of blenders consist of what parts did not work, needed replacement, customer service and final outcome, i.e., level of satisfaction. For this part you will need to differentiate between a user rants and an objective user review.


Reviewing kitchen blender reviews can be time consuming but worth while. However if you do not want to spend much time with blender reviews then you are also more likely to not want to spend much time with cleaning and maintaining your blender. For this Best Blenders recommends that you choose a powerful blender, possibly a high speed blender, with a 1-piece blender pitcher. By following this suggestion you will get excelent results and keep your blending life simple.


The Best High Speed Blenders

What makes high speed blenders special?

VitaMix Blender Professional CIA
VitaMix Blender Professional CIA

High speed blenders are not only for restaurants, bars and juice bars. If you are health conscious and enjoy making quality food then a high speed blender could be a very good investment for you.


Best Blenders has featured several high speed blenders on its website, which one is best for your personal needs only you can decide. Best Blenders feels confident that each blender selected to be on its website is of top quality.


If you are uncertain why you should choose a high speed blender over a "regular" blender then please read Best Blenders article, "Why to buy a high speed blender?".


Here are some key points why to choose a high speed blender:

  • Unlimited possibilities!
  • Ease of use
  • Break downs food to a "sip" not "chew" consistence
  • Reduces waste by useing entire fruits / vegetables
  • More nutritious due to break down of food items and use of whole fruits / vegetables
  • Saves money due to versatility of machine, e.g., replacing a food processor
  • Quality built - last a long time
  • Better warranty guarantees
  • Lots of fun!

There are three main high speed blender manufacturers: Blendtec Blender, VitaMix Blender and Omega Blender. The two most popular brands are Blendtec Blender and VitaMix Blender.


Best Blenders features the most powerful blenders from each high speed blender manufacturer, click on the blenders name for more detailed information:


No matter which high speed blender you choose you will enjoy the results. Best Blenders advice is to pick the blender that you feel you will use the most, as it will be with you a very long time if not a life-time.


Designer Blenders For Your Designer Kitchen

Designer blenders look great but do they get the job done?

Bugatti Vela Blender - Designer Blender
Bugatti Vela Blender - Designer Blender

Designer blenders look great and can certainly add style to anyone kitchen. But can they get the job done? Some designer blenders are certainly more capable than others, none are high speed blenders though.


All featured designer blenders by Best Blenders are more than capable of making you really great smoothies. Besides just designer looks be sure to make sure the blender you select fits your needs too.


For some people their designer blender needs to have the right color to match their kitchen decor and accessories. The Bugatti Vela Blender, featured to the left, comes in two colors: red and chrome. The KichenAid Blender KSB560 comes in eight different colors, so there is something for everyone.


From a design perspective the Blender B99 and Bugatti Vela Blender are certainly more modern looking. The L'Equip RPM Blender - Model 228 has an industrial look with its brushed aluminum finished and tachometer displaying its operational speed. It comes with a powerful commercial quality 900-watt motor too.


Seeking a more retro look then the classic Waring Pro Blender - MMB Series - Professional Bar Blender MBB520 with its rich shiny heavy duty copper metal base and colverleaft shaped glass pitcher will certainly add very well to your kitchen. If you like the style however would prefer to have it in brushed steel then you will want the Waring Pro Blender MBB518.


Beat The Heat with Healthy Smoothies

Heat and lots of fluids go well together.

When the heat is on nothing is more refreshing than a cool smoothie. These blended drinks are a great way to cool down and give your body what it needs to deal with the heat.


Staying hydrated is important but do avoid the commercially sold types as they often contain sugars/sweeteners, colorings and other unwanted processed ingredients. Making your own blended smoothies is the best way to go.


Go pick up your fresh ingredients from a green market. Don't only use fruits but also add vegetables to your blended smoothies, e.g., apple and carrot go well together. Or, try a virgin Bloody Marry, use tomato’s and celery.


Get one of these blender recipe books and have fun trying news drinks. You could be the star drink mixer at your next BBQ.


Best Blenders also has an article on "What can a blender make?", which lists ten other great things you can make with your blender besides great tasting smoothies.



Blender Makes Graded Parmesan Cheese

What else can a blender make other than smoothies.

Use any blender with a decent blade and you can have freshly graded parmesan cheese. It is a fast and easy to do. No need to buy already graded cheese, when you can make it yourself. It is far better tasting too, and cheaper too.


As the video below demonstrates place cold cube cut parmesan cheese in your blender, blend until you have your desired consistency, and then serve fresh and enjoy. Remains you can store in an airtight container in the fridge until your next meal. It is that simple!


Wondering what else a bender can make?


The blender used in this video is the Blendtec Blender Total TB-621-20.



Which Blender is the Best Bang for the Buck?

Best Blenders favorite blender for "beginners".

If you are just starting off or want to upgrade from a "cheap" blender and are uncertain which is the best blender for you then look no further as to Best Blenders favorite blender for "beginners", KitchenAid Blender KSB560 and KSB580. In a way it is not fair nor nice to call this wonderful blender a beginners blender. In reality it is a great blender!


By starting off with a good blender such as this KitchenAid Blender you will have a positive experience, which will keep you blending for a long time. A good first experience is very important to ensure that you keep using and benefiting from your blender. If you ever want more then you can upgrade to the high speed blenders, which then open you to a whole new world.


Best Blender highly recommends the KitchenAid Blender KSB560 or KSB580 as it is a 5-speed blender, has a powerful 0.9 horsepower motor and a large pitcher (56 oz.), which is easy to handle and simple to clean, and comes in wide range of colors. See all KitcheAid Blenders.


Here is Best Blender article that will give you some food for thought when considering your first blender, "The best blender for me is?".




How to Make Tortilla Soup with the VitaMix

Yes, you can use your blender to make soups.

Unfortunately most people think blenders can only producing smoothies. However blenders are capable of doing much more. In this simple instructional video you can learn step-by-step how to make a supper yummy tortilla soup. 


Here is a brief article on, “What can a blender make?


The blender used here is the VitaMax Blender Professional CIA.



VitaMix Blender Demo by Culinary Institute of America

Credibility in action.

Knowing that VitaMix blenders are used by top chefs and are also endorsed by the Culinary Institute of America is reassuring when purchasing one of the top of the line products. See VitaMix blender product details here.


VitaMix blenders are well known and respected, and in come cases even “loved” by many foodies. With a VitaMix Blender you know it will get the job done what ever the task.


Here is a Best Blender article, "Why to buy a high speed blender".



Food Matters

What you put in you body counts more than ever.

The food documentary film Food Matters has an incredibly stimulating trailer, see below. It is extremely well done and surprisingly entertaining too. In just 3 minutes they managed to point out the core problem our society is facing. The quote, “1/4 of the food you eat keep you alive, and ¾ of what you eat keeps your doctor alive.” is an amazing statement that everyone should think about.


Understanding and knowing more about the food you eat is what separated you from the masses. Living a long and healthy life can begin with by using your blender more often. The blender is a remarkable and simple to use tool that can assist with improving the quality of your life.


Best Blenders has put together 10 reasons why to use your blender daily.



How to Make Baby Food Using a Blender

Best recipes for baby food, using a blender.


Every parent wants to give their baby the very best, and using your blender is a great, easy and cost effective way to make baby food.

Here are five good reasons:

  1. All ingredients are hand selected, so you always know what your baby is eating
  2. Everything is fresh, no perseveres or sweeteners
  3. It's very cost effective
  4. You can easily tailor the texture towards your baby’s preferences
  5. Easy and convenient to create meals that match your baby's progress and development, from six months through to twelve months and older
  6. In the long run this will help shape your baby’s tastes to appreciate fresh foods


The Blender Baby Food book has over 175 recipes for making healthy homemade meals. It also includes meal plans, helpful tips and techniques and even advice on storing and freezing baby food.
Tip: High speed blenders tend to make the smoothest texture.



Blender Recipes: Power Drink After Workout

Create your own delicious and nutritious shake.

After a good hard workout you want to feed your muscles with delicious and nutritious tasting food. Power drinks are an excellent way to do so and a good blender can assist you with this. They are quick to make and can be a meal for on the go.


One of Best Blenders favorite shakes is:

-        1x ripe banana

-        Hand full of raw almonds

-        Table spoon of raw Cacao Nibs

-        Local honey (optional)

-        Unsweetened plain or vanilla or chocolate flavored almond milk

-        Ice cubes


The Cacao Nibs give the blended shake a full flavor without the sweetness of industry processed chocolate. Cacao Nibs are loaded with antioxidants, and trace minerals like magnesium and iron.

Tip: High speed blenders tend to make smoother shakes.


Blender Side-by-Side Comparison Test

Seeing the different blenders in action.

Personally I don’t think this test is a really valid test as no one really puts a whole orange in a blender. Some prep work is always needed. However I think it is good to see how the blenders work and as the tester states the Blendtec and VitaMix do produce smoother consistencies.


Products used in this test are:



The Raw Power of the Blendtec K-Tec Champ HP3 Blender

Blendtec blender destroys an iphone.

Blendtec demonstrats with its Blendtec K-Tech Champ HP3 Blender what raw power it has by pulverising an iPhone. This video has been seen by over 10 million times.


This Blendtec blender comes with 1,500 watts (3 peak horsepower) and has a max. of 28,000 RPM’s. It will easily create the smoothest smoothies, soups and dips ever. See the product page for more details.