Blendtec Blender - About

Blendtec blender: considered one of the best blender manufactures in the world. Blendtec is a division of K-TEC, founded 1975. Blendtec sells high speed blenders: professional blenders and home blenders. Blendtec’s Founder/CEO is Tom Dickson who is known for his “Will it Blend?” viral video marketing campaigns, where he blends iPhones, iPads, marbles, etc. to prove how powerful Blendtec blenders are.

Every since Blendtec’s beginnings it has always revolutionized the way we use blenders and mixers. Due to Dickson’s innovative and practical approach Blentech blenders are found today in many of the leading bars, restaurants, ice-cream parlors, juice bars and gyms all over the world.

Blendtec blenders are regarded to be one of the most powerful blenders on the market, with programmable blend cycles, electronically controlled blenders, and in-counter blenders.

And, due to increasing consumer interest and demand Blentec later designed a line of home blenders, which have the same blender quality and performance as commercial blenders, only with special attention to appearance and home use function.

Blendtec/K-TEC is headquartered and manufactures in Orem, Utah.

Blentec’s goal is to provide the world’s best blenders and mixers though excellence in quality, customer satisfaction and innovation.

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