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Best Blenders was created out of frustration of trying to find one single source with complete and relevant information needed for making an informed buying decision.   


Best Blenders launched early July 2010 and was created to provide the best, complete and simplest overview of the best blenders available on the market. Only the best blenders are featured on Best Blenders.


Best Blenders wants you to get the right blender for your needs so that you get the most out of your blending, and investment. Best Blenders general rule is, if your experience is not where your expectations are you will not use your blender, or if your blender has deficiencies then here again you will not use it. Therefore it is very important to "not be penny-wise and pound foolish" when picking a blender for your needs, which is Best Blenders Rule #1. Best Blenders always recommends picking a blender that will meet your needs and expectations.


Best Blenders Rule #1 does not mean "expensive is better". But more it is a mix between "you get what you pay for", "don't fall pray to marketing/sales claims", and "being realistic". We all have at one time purchased something that did not meet our expectations, thus resulting in us not benefiting or using it. Best Blenders does not want this to happen to you.


If you do not find your blender listed on Best Blenders then it is probably not considered worthy of being considered a "best blender". The list has not been completed yet, especially among the commercial blenders. Over time Best Blenders will add them to the site.



Disclaimer: We have made every effort to present accurate information on our website; however, we are not responsible for any of the results you experience. Best Blenders funds itself through referral commissions. Thank you.


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