What Makes One Blender Better Than The Other

Key Differences Between Blenders

b. Breveille Hemisphere Control BBL605XL Blades
b. Breveille Hemisphere Control BBL605XL Blades

Blender as not all same. Besides power and speed other parts of the blender are just as important to have a fulfilling and satisfying experience. So, what makes one blender better than the other?


First, you need to know what you want your blender to do. Setting expectations is important. If only needed for fruit smoothies then that is different to green smoothies or nut butters, where different blenders are required.


The blade is a very important part of any good blender. Some blender blades are short and thin. We find them to be the least effective, and it doesn't matter how powerful the motor then is. The blade should be as long as possible, making the very ends of the blade rotate at the highest speeds, breaking down the food items as fine as possible. The blades width is also important, as this creates a stronger drag and therefore blending the items better. Some blenders have more than four blades, this is good if they assist with the chopping and blending. However some seem to be more for show, as in more is better, which is in this case isn't always true.


The blenders pitcher shape ensures that the blending works properly. It needs to work together with the blades to suck down everything to create nice blend. What you don't want to have is a too narrow pitcher as items often get stuck at the top. For the narrow pitchers a plunger, of some other tool, is often needed, e.g., a spatchula. (Please note, if your blender doesn't come with a built-in plunger and you need to use an extra tool please turn off the blender before using.) The blenders blades should ideally as close to the bottom as possible, and without any nooks, i.e., see image at top. Best if the bottom is not completely flat but concaves downwards, feeding into the blades. A good example is the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender BBL605XL.


Durability, as it should last you a long time. If you are a heavy user, blending several times a week, and also use hard items, e.g., carrots, then the blenders durability is import for you. If your do use hard items then having good blades and powerful motor is important. Most blenders on Best Benders are at a quality level that can handle almost anything. The only ones we would separate are the bar blenders, as these are not really designed other than for mixing shakes. Some though can do more. If durably is a big factor for you then pay attention to the manufactures warranty. Some of the high speed blenders have warranties up to 10 years, e.g., the Omega blenders.


Cleaning, how easy are the pitchers to clean, is for many an important factor. We prefer the one piece pitcher over the ones that can be taken apart. Just like that less is more. It is more a personal preference.


Power of the blender is the most obvious one. As first stated you need to know what you want to do with your blender. This determines how much power/speed you need. We suggest to always add a bit more than you think you need as this leaves a little room to experiment and advance. If you simple want the best then we always recommend to get a high speed blender. You can read here why to buy a high speed blender.


Happy blending.


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