Vegetable Smoothies

Vegetable Smoothies - Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Smoothies
Vegetable Smoothies

Vegetable smoothies are growing in popularity, especially since juicing has become more mainstream, these are juicers. But are juicers making smoothies or juices? To be technical a smoothie is blended and a juice is pressed.


What is the main difference between a vegetable smoothie and vegetable juice? Short answer is the amount of plant fiber in your drink. Juicers remove the fibers, i.e., therefore you will get overall more pure vegetable juice, and also use more vegetables in the process. Going forward we will focus on vegetable smoothies made by blenders.


We do recommend that you use organic vegetables as much as possible. An advantage is you do not need to worry about the peeling off the skin or removing the seeds of some of you produce. 


Vegetable smoothies are great way and easy way to get your daily amount of vegetables, especially on a busy day. They are the healthiest types of drinks you can have too. Great for your digestive system, skin, weight problems, and fighting off colds, allergies and certain diseases. The advantage of having the fiber in your vegetable smoothie is that it helps regulates sugar absorption and it's filling (satisfying). Therefore giving you sustained energy without at spike in your blood sugar levels, and helping you stay longer full. Another benefit from vegetable smoothies is that it helps reduce your sugar cravings, especially when drinking a green vegetable smoothie.


Supplements such as chia or flax seeds, nuts and protein powers can easily be easily added. Just keep in mind the more you add the more calories you are might be adding too.


If you are just starting out it is recommended that you look up some popular vegetable smoothie recipes so that you get a feeling what combinations work best, e.g., Green Smoothie Magic.


Regarding which blender is best for making vegetable smoothies Blest Blenders recommends going with a high speed blender. The more power you have the easier it can break down the vegetable fibers into an easy to sip and smooth consistency. Nutrients can also be faster and better absorbed. Here are some other reason why you should buy a high speed blender.


By the way good blenders can also make excellent vegetable soups too, e.g., Liquid Raw (more than just soups.).

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