How to make a smoothie.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies.

How to make a smoothie
How to make a smoothie

To start you will need a good blender. They power of the blender will determine what kind of smoothies you can make, and what you can put into it. If using a high speed blender then you have no limits to what kind of smoothie you can create.


How to make a fruit smoothie:

Take either fresh fruit or frozen fruit and mix it with a liquid. Simple, right? Well, yes, but you can add a few things too, this is optional of course, e.g., protein or flax seed powders. If you are using fresh fruit then you can add ice to give it a cooling sensation. Just remember ice is water. 


Ripe bananas and strawberries are very strong flavors they can be used in different doses. Local and seasonal fruits are always a good idea to use. One of the fun things about blending is that you can be adventurous, trying different mixtures. If you prefer to be less creative you can always get a smoothie recipes book, e.g., Superfood smoothies.


Now the big question is what liquid do you add to make your smoothie. Do you use water, juice, milk, yogurt, nut milk, soy milk, coconut water, etc. Each have its pros can cons. What is your objective with blending, or for this smoothie? If you goal is to live healthy and maybe to loose weight then you probably want to stay away from juice and dairy products, as this are high in sugars and calories. If you are using fresh fruit you might need to consider how much liquid it already contains, e.g., watermelon vs. apple. If you are using a lot of watermelon then you don't need to add much liquid, but if you are using mostly apples then more liquid will need to be added. If you are blending and notice that it is not liquid enough just add some more in small doses.


How to make a vegetable smoothie:

Also here take either fresh or frozen vegetable, Best Blenders recommends always try using fresh where possible, especially when not using a high speed blender. Some frozen vegetables can be very hard on the blender, e.g., carrot; greens are usually a easier. Also to reduce the pulpiness high speed blenders are preferred here. Now it is up to you if you want to make an all vegetable smoothie or mix in some fruit. An all time classic is apple and carrot smoothie, some add celery too, or a bit of mango - all personal preferences based on taste and objectives. Please note making vegetable smoothies requires more attention than fruit smoothies as some items don't work well when mixed, and the tastes are usually stronger. Also it should be noted that it might take some time for your taste buds to get use to, but on the end everyone loves it. Therefore Best Blenders recommends starting off with the more classic entry level blends. Or, start adding to your fruit smoothies some greens, i.e., a green leaf or two to each smoothie, easing your taste bud into it.


Now that you know what to pay attention to when making a smoothie enjoy the process of creating amazing fruit and vegetable smoothies.


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