Which Blender is the Best?

Which blender is right for you?

"Which blender is the best?", is how most people start off when shopping for a [new] blender. Best Blenders suggest changing the questions to, "Which blender is right for me?". By doing this you have to asked yourself, "What do I want to do with the blender?". If you are just starting out or have only blended fruit juices then you must know that "you get what you pay for", and Best Blenders rule #1 is, "Do not be penny-wise and pound foolish when picking your bender." This doesn't mean that you have to go with the most expensive blender.  It means being practical and efficient.


If you are not sure what blenders are capable of doing please read, "What can a blender make?". This will give you some good ideas, and help you find an answer to what you want to do with your blender.


Once you know what you want to make then take it up a notch just so that you have some room to grow. If you have a good blender you will become more adventurous then. For example if you know that you are going to be a heavy blender and using solid items, e.g., nuts, carrots, ice, etc., then you will want to choose a blender that will last a while and that has the power to get the job done right, e.g., high speed blenders. Nothing is more frustrating (embarrassing) than sipping and chewing your drink, or for the blender to break down after a few months. If you don't getting the results you want you will understandably not use it, and that would be a shame. If you are going to use it just once a week or so to make a smoothie then a less powerful blender will suffice. All blenders on Best Blenders will then get the job done. If you are asking yourself, "Why buy a high speed blender?" then find out. 


Some brands are often compared with, "Which blender is the best?", e.g., Blendtec vs. Vitamix. These two brands are market leaders in the high speed blender market and each have their own set of fans.


Which leads us to the next question, "What features do I need?".  Example, do you want a blender jar that you can take apart, or do you think an integrated pitcher will be better for you? To find out more please read "What is the best blender jar?".  Do you need a larger pitcher for the family, or for entertaining, or crating a batch? How much control do you want to have? Do you want set programs, do you need them? Some blenders come with just high and low speeds, others have up to 20 different electronic programs. Are you the type to use programs? Other blenders offer "variable-speed control". These have a dial where you can easily choose the blenders speed, going up and down when you choose, offering a lot of control.


Now after you answered all the functional questions you should now have a very good idea which blender is best for you. However, there is one more question, "What about the blenders design?" Some blenders come in various colors and other only in one. Shapes and style also vary too, depending on type of blender and the brands. Best Blenders even has a section specifically for Designer Blenders.


Best Blender has five sections to explore:


Please let us know, "Which blender is best for you?"

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