Making a Healthy Smoothie with your Blender

Watch how to make a green healthy smoothie.

Who doesn't want a healthy smoothie. The video below demonstrates how easy it is to make one delicious green healthy smoothie. Best Blenders chose this video to show just how simple it is to make a green healthy smoothie. The exact blender model used for this is unfortunately not known but we know it is VitaMax Blender, a high speed blender.


Healthy Smoothie ingredients can also be a mix of fruits and vegetables, e.g., apple and carrots, or in the video mango and spinach. Most think just fruits smoothies but try adding vegetables to make a really healthy smoothie and to add more variety. Here are some recipe books on Amazon so that you can make your own healthy smoothies.


Best Blenders advises that if you do want to use move vegetables that high speed blenders do the best job of breaking down food to a “sip” not “chew” consistence.



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