The Best High Speed Blenders

What makes high speed blenders special?

VitaMix Blender Professional CIA
VitaMix Blender Professional CIA

High speed blenders are not only for restaurants, bars and juice bars. If you are health conscious and enjoy making quality food then a high speed blender could be a very good investment for you.


Best Blenders has featured several high speed blenders on its website, which one is best for your personal needs only you can decide. Best Blenders feels confident that each blender selected to be on its website is of top quality.


If you are uncertain why you should choose a high speed blender over a "regular" blender then please read Best Blenders article, "Why to buy a high speed blender?".


Here are some key points why to choose a high speed blender:

  • Unlimited possibilities!
  • Ease of use
  • Break downs food to a "sip" not "chew" consistence
  • Reduces waste by useing entire fruits / vegetables
  • More nutritious due to break down of food items and use of whole fruits / vegetables
  • Saves money due to versatility of machine, e.g., replacing a food processor
  • Quality built - last a long time
  • Better warranty guarantees
  • Lots of fun!

There are three main high speed blender manufacturers: Blendtec Blender, VitaMix Blender and Omega Blender. The two most popular brands are Blendtec Blender and VitaMix Blender.


Best Blenders features the most powerful blenders from each high speed blender manufacturer, click on the blenders name for more detailed information:


No matter which high speed blender you choose you will enjoy the results. Best Blenders advice is to pick the blender that you feel you will use the most, as it will be with you a very long time if not a life-time.

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