Beat The Heat with Healthy Smoothies

Heat and lots of fluids go well together.

When the heat is on nothing is more refreshing than a cool smoothie. These blended drinks are a great way to cool down and give your body what it needs to deal with the heat.


Staying hydrated is important but do avoid the commercially sold types as they often contain sugars/sweeteners, colorings and other unwanted processed ingredients. Making your own blended smoothies is the best way to go.


Go pick up your fresh ingredients from a green market. Don't only use fruits but also add vegetables to your blended smoothies, e.g., apple and carrot go well together. Or, try a virgin Bloody Marry, use tomato’s and celery.


Get one of these blender recipe books and have fun trying news drinks. You could be the star drink mixer at your next BBQ.


Best Blenders also has an article on "What can a blender make?", which lists ten other great things you can make with your blender besides great tasting smoothies.


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