How to Make Baby Food Using a Blender

Best recipes for baby food, using a blender.


Every parent wants to give their baby the very best, and using your blender is a great, easy and cost effective way to make baby food.

Here are five good reasons:

  1. All ingredients are hand selected, so you always know what your baby is eating
  2. Everything is fresh, no perseveres or sweeteners
  3. It's very cost effective
  4. You can easily tailor the texture towards your baby’s preferences
  5. Easy and convenient to create meals that match your baby's progress and development, from six months through to twelve months and older
  6. In the long run this will help shape your baby’s tastes to appreciate fresh foods


The Blender Baby Food book has over 175 recipes for making healthy homemade meals. It also includes meal plans, helpful tips and techniques and even advice on storing and freezing baby food.
Tip: High speed blenders tend to make the smoothest texture.


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