Blender Recipes: Power Drink After Workout

Create your own delicious and nutritious shake.

After a good hard workout you want to feed your muscles with delicious and nutritious tasting food. Power drinks are an excellent way to do so and a good blender can assist you with this. They are quick to make and can be a meal for on the go.


One of Best Blenders favorite shakes is:

-        1x ripe banana

-        Hand full of raw almonds

-        Table spoon of raw Cacao Nibs

-        Local honey (optional)

-        Unsweetened plain or vanilla or chocolate flavored almond milk

-        Ice cubes


The Cacao Nibs give the blended shake a full flavor without the sweetness of industry processed chocolate. Cacao Nibs are loaded with antioxidants, and trace minerals like magnesium and iron.

Tip: High speed blenders tend to make smoother shakes.

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